The Holladay Ancient Cave Collection is a series of bourbon aged in experimental barrels for a secondary finish. Every expression of Holladay Bourbon begins the aging process in a new, level-three-charred, white oak barrel where it ages for at least six years in Rickhouse B or C. Once the barrels are of age, a select few are chosen from the first floor to be dumped and re-barreled to experiment with different taste profiles that come from secondary finishes.


The Ancient Cave is the oldest structure onsite dating back to 1837. The structure has been transformed to include 72 ricks to house barrels crafted with different types of oak, toasting methods, spiraling, and smoking. The cave maintains a constant temperature of 60 degrees which is an important control variable in the process.


There is not a set time of how long Kyle plans to let these barrels age. He is aging to taste and will release when he is confident in the results. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our social channels for updates on future releases!

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